Wholesale Partnerships

Nepal Coffee Company is proud to partner with local and international roasters to promote and sell our organic, specialty Nepali Arabica.

We are always excited and open to new prospects for partnership – you could be a new startup or an established business.

We are committed to working closely with you to provide the best organic Himalayan coffee and to develop a prosperous relationship. We are confident that together we can achieve new milestones within the coffee industry.

At Nepal Coffee Company, we regularly upgrade our processing facilities to meet the requirements of increasing coffee production. We introduced the practice of total quality management (TQM) to the Nepali coffee industry. We also promote wet process technology and provide processing infrastructure for small farmers.

We offer the following processing choices to potential partners:


Green Beans

We have invested in several pulping centres, where our green Arabica coffee beans are prepared for export into the international market.

We currently offer both wet and dry processed green beans sourced from various specialty farms across Nepal.

We also have limited quantity of Peaberry coffee, handpicked by our sisters at the processing facility.

Roasted beans

We provide roasted beans to several Nepali cafés, restaurants and hotels, as per their needs. Our goal is to offer the highest quality coffee. So, our quality control process is second to none. We closely monitor the harvest to ensure that only the most mature cherries are picked.

We have also invested significant time and resources to train our farmers on the steps that they need to follow immediately after picking the cherry where a local pulper is available.

In some rural places where pulping centres are not available, farmers still use the natural process method. We provide training and guidelines so they know exactly when the coffee is dried and is ready to be brought to us.

We offer the following types of roasts:

Hard Roast (HR): Roasted at 250 C (482 F) – for the coffee lover who wants a very rich cup of coffee.

Medium Roast (MR): Roasted at 220 C (428 F) – for the coffee lover who wants a superior-bodied cup of coffee

Dark Roast (DR): Roasted at 230 C (446 F) – for the coffee lover who wants a full-bodied cup of coffee.

Light Roast (LR): Roasted at 210 C (401 F) – for the coffee lover who wants a cup of coffee filled with flavor - an optimum-bodied cup of coffee.

Partner businesses

Cortez Coffee Roasters, United States
Ironclad Coffee Roasters, United States
Himalayan Java, Nepal
“I'm new to making espresso at home. Cortez's Nepal Himalayan is the perfect solution – creamy, rich, and perfect for espresso, drip, and everything in between!”
Melanie Cooper
Cortez Coffee customer, United States