Himalayan Coffee

Nepal Coffee Company sources organic Himalayan Arabica from farmers on the slopes of the mid-hills of Nepal. The coffee trees grow between 1,000 – 1,600m above sea level.

The chilly autumn climate in combination with the unique soil and biodiversity creates a nurturing growth environment. The result is a distinctive creamy caramel and chocolate flavour with low acidity, a smooth, nutty aftertaste, and a floral aroma.

Quality control & processing

Our quality control process is second to none. We closely monitor the coffee harvest to ensure only the most mature cherries are picked. We have invested significant time and resources to train our local farmers in harvest and post-harvest best practices.

Some of our farmers in rural areas where pulping centres are not available, process beans using the natural method. We provide training and guidelines so they know exactly when the coffee is dried and ready to be brought to us for roasting.

We have invested in the maintenance and upkeep of several pulping centres. Mr. Ghimire started some of them and donated pulpers when they first began in the early 1980s. These pulping centres prepare our green Arabica coffee beans for export into the international market.

We offer both wet and dry processed green beans sourced from farms across Nepal. We also have a limited quantity of Peaberry coffee handpicked by our sisters at the processing facility.

We own two coffee washing stations (CWS) in Syangja and Palpa. They are within 1–5km of our farmers, ensuring easy access and fresh berries that receive better prices. The CWS are 1,200m above sea level and do wet processing. 


We love the craft of roasting and are always learning to do it better. We believe roasting is the most important component when it comes to coffee. It adds value to our business which supports our farmers and economy. Roasting is about the craft, value, sales, coffee, and customers.

We grade all our beans before roasting. Our three brands, Necco, HimCafe, and Belizi, are designed to meet the differing needs of our customers. We supply roasted beans to several cafes, restaurants, and hotels across the country. Café customers mostly prefer our medium dark roast.

“I like everything about roasting! I think roasting is the most important step in making good coffee. Selling green beans only tells the world half the story, since the most important work lies in roasting.”
– Sunnie Joshi
CEO, Nepal Coffee Company

Our Himalayan Arabica


• Ultra-premium, single origin, 100% organic coffee from Lamjung district
• This roasted Arabica is from one family farm who have been our partners for 20 years
• Flavour profile: Unique notes of creamy caramel and chocolate, low acidity with a smooth nutty aftertaste and floral aroma

him café

• Premium 100% organic coffee from several districts in Nepal
• Blended from selected beans grown above 1,200m ASL


• Our original, 100% organic coffee from several districts in Nepal
• Blended from selected beans grown above 1,000m ASL


Flavored Blends is a series of flavored coffee by Nepal Coffee Company. We use 100% Organic Arabica beans from the mid hills of Nepal, roast it to a fine medium blend and flavor it with the highest quality flavors. Uniquely crafted and meticulously roasted in small batches, these flavored coffees are an absolute delight and a treat for your palate!


Frothy Caramel Latte

Creamy French Vanilla

Chocolaty Mocha

Irresistible Bailey's irish creme

We offer several different roasts for all our brands

Hard roast (HR):

Roasted at 250 °C (482 °F)
a very rich cup

Dark roast (DR):

Roasted at 230 °C (446 °F)
a full-bodied cup

Medium roast (MR):

Roasted at 220 °C (428 °F)
a superior-bodied cup

Light roast (LR):

Roasted at 210 °C (401 °F)
an optimum-bodied cup filled with flavour

Where to shop

Our brands are currently available at :
Bhat Bhateni Super Market,
Salesberry Supermarket,
Saleways Supermarket, Herveda Botanicals-Jhamsikhel,

Ventures Cafe-Baluwatar, Sulav Departmental Store-Pokhara, Daraz, Gyapu Marketplace
and other retailers in Kathmandu and major cities in Nepal.

The difference

All our coffee is bought direct from the farmers at extremely fair prices. It is free from any chemicals, pesticides or chemically balanced fertilizers – ensuring a very high quality, organic product.

Our shade grown coffee trees are healthy for the environment and good for birds and other wild animals.

We grade all our beans prior to roasting.

Our locally grown, organic coffee beans, in combination with our focus on quality management and superior bean grading technology, makes us the leading producers of coffee in Nepal. Producing high quality, Himalayan Arabica is not only good for the farmers who sell it but also for you, the coffee lover.

Drip Machine

Our 12-cup drip machine is customized for Nepal Coffee Company and is specially designed to extract the full flavour and aroma of coffee in your cup. This simple yet innovative design helps you get the best cup of coffee at home or your office with seamless effort. The machine has a reusable filter and comes with a 1 year warranty.
Hurry and secure your machine by messaging us directly or contact us at 9818983734 (Viber, Whatsapp), 01-5249096. Free delivery inside ringroad. Delivery all over Nepal.