The Himalayan Fragrance

Nepal Coffee Company purchases organic Arabica cherry coffee that is cultivated by small farmers on the slopes of the mid-hills of Nepal. The coffee trees grow between 1000 meters and 1600 above sea level and therefore, fall outside of the coffee growing belt of the Earth.

The chilly autumns of the mid-hills in combination with its unique soil and biodiversity allow the coffee cherries to nurture in an environment that gives them their distinct aroma & flavor. Coffee grown within Nepal is harvested between the months of December and March.

sustainability efforts

ENVIRONMENTAL: Our organically shade grown coffee is an outcome of sustainable farming that empowers small individual farmers as well as some of the largest coffee cooperative unions in Nepal. 

Our farmers do not use any pesticides and all of our coffee is 100% Organic and is certified by the USDA. We also provide technical support to our farmers and help them test the soil nutrients and water quality and provide expert advice that support healthy plants.

Our coffee is planted under the shades of fruit trees and spices, which not only gives higher quality beans but also requires less external inputs as compared to unshaded cultivation practices. Shaded farming of multiple crops or intercropping keeps the soil healthy, maintains moisture retention and helps preserve biodiversity. Mulching and manuring of coffee trees are done with locally available plant materials and by-products of livestock. Farmers do not have to purchase these inputs.

ECONOMIC: We guarantee our farmers that we will buy any amount of coffee that they have grown during the year however large or small the size maybe. We have built long lasting relationship with farmers who bring us 20 kilos of coffee from the few coffee plants that they have outside their house as well as with farmers who have been consistently bringing few tons every year.

Some of the farmers travel great distances from their villages to bring us the 20 kilos of coffee and we make an extra effort not to return these farmers empty handed. We offer them the right training materials and educate them on basic things like when to pick the coffee, how long to dry the coffee, how long to ferment the coffee, how to store the coffee and more.

Our greatest moment of pride is when a farmer who brought us 20 kilos of coffee 10 years ago now brings us 1,000 kilos and this has happened time and again. At Nepal Coffee Company, we consider this to be our biggest achievement in the last 35 years we have been involved in the Nepali Coffee Movement.

SOCIAL: We take great pride in empowering local Nepali women and are humbled to provide employment to Nepali women/sisters at our processing facility. We have several sisters who have been working with us for the last 25 years and are very proud to call them our partners here at Nepal Coffee Company. We can also proudly state that all of our coffee beans are handpicked by our sisters in order to ensure that only the highest quality beans make it to your cup.

The difference

All of our coffee is bought directly from farmers at an extremely fair price and is free from the use of any chemicals, pesticides or chemically balanced fertilizers – all of which assure a very high quality organic product. Our coffee comes from shade grown coffee trees that is healthy for the environment and also good for birds and other wild animals. We grade all of our beans prior to roasting.

Our locally grown organic coffee beans in combination with our focus on total quality management and superior bean grading technology, makes us the leading producers of the best tasting coffee in Nepal. And producing high quality coffee is not only good for the farmers who sell it, but also for you, the coffee lover.