Since 1983

Nepal Coffee Company is a pioneer in the coffee history of Nepal. We began our journey in 1983 as the country’s first coffee company and first coffee processors with the mission to bring to the world the highest quality coffee beans grown at the optimum altitude and climate, in the mid hills of the Himalayan range.

But at a time when there were hardly any coffee farmers in Nepal, this was no easy task. Nepal Coffee Company took upon the challenge to educate farmers in the rural mid-hills about the benefits of cultivating coffee in addition to staples such as rice and corn. We also introduced the concept of total quality management of coffee, which consists of collecting red cherries from farmers, processing, roasting as well as packaging.


We collect coffee from 22 districts across Nepal and we are the largest coffee processors in Nepal.

We export our beans to a number of countries including the USA, Canada, and Japan and have global partners who have been working with us for the last two decades.

Till date, we have worked with over 30,000 local coffee farmers and we continue to strive towards our commitment to provide the best organic coffee.


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