The NCC story

Nepal Coffee Company is a pioneer in our country’s coffee history. Our chairman, owner and founder, Mr. Krishna Ghimire, moved from Gulmi to Manigram, near the southern Indian border, with a mission to promote and sell Nepali coffee.

Not deterred by a lack of coffee farmers in Nepal, he began the challenge of educating farmers about the benefits of cultivating coffee. He also introduced the concept of total quality management (TQM) in coffee. This holistic approach includes collecting red cherries from farmers, processing, roasting, and packaging.

In 1983, Mr. Ghimire started NCC selling parchment and green beans. But he also saw a market for roasted coffee. His brand, “Necco” (short for “Nepal Coffee Company”) was Nepal’s first roasted coffee. We owned the first roasting machine, which we still use today.

Since 1983, we have worked with over 30,000 local coffee farmers. They grow Typica, Caturra and Bourbon coffee alongside ginger, avocado, and wheat, tending 100 coffee trees at 1,000–1,600m ASL. The coffee is mostly washed with some naturals, producing 100 ton of coffee parchment in 2021.

In 1995, to keep up with the growing demand for high quality Nepali coffee, we moved our base from Manigram to Kathmandu. We began to export green beans and roasted coffee as well, and today, have two full-time roasters in our processing unit and roastery in Swayambhu, Kathmandu. Mr. Ghimire acts as a consultant and is very keen to pass along his knowledge, skills, and experience.


We collect coffee from 22 districts across Nepal and are the largest coffee processor in the country.

We export our beans to the USA, Korea, Norway, Australia and Japan. Many of our global partners have worked with us for the last two decades.

To date, we have worked with over 30,000 local coffee farmers and we continue to strive towards our commitment to provide the best organic coffee.

Our team

resham Bhattarai

general manager


quality manager

kishor magar


Yug bahadur rai


shaligram poudel

Marketing associate

babita shrestha


babita shrestha


Behind the business

We are a family-owned business. Krishna Ghimire is the Chairman, owner, and founder. His son, Abishek Ghimire, is the Managing Director, and Sunnie Joshi, his daughter-in-law, is the CEO.

Abishek Ghimire grew up in Coffee Company in Manigram, where the company was founded. This is he and his father in a coffee stall in Butwal in 1990, aged 6 years old.

Story of Sunnie Joshi, CEO, Nepal Coffee Company

I am used to being the first in many things since I was a child. I was the first to go abroad for college in my family, and the first to get a PhD.

I started my career as a mathematician. I have a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Physics from Randolph College in Virginia, U.S., and a PhD in Mathematics from Texas A&M University. I worked as a professor in Temple University in Philadelphia for several years.

My husband and I were at high school together in Nepal, then we went to college in the U.S. We started a company importing Nepali green beans and roasted coffee into the States. Our roasted coffee was available in stores in New York and Philadelphia, and we sold green beans to several roasters in Seattle, Arizona, and Philadelphia.

We quickly realized the high global regard for Nepali coffee and saw a huge demand for organic Arabica. We then decided to move back to Nepal to grow my father-in-law’s business, Nepal Coffee Company.

My goal is to provide our customers with the best quality coffee beans from the foothills of the Himalayas, while also focusing on sustainability and equality.

We have very good relationships with our global partners in the U.S., Japan, and Korea, among others. One of our key clients is Cortez Coffee Roasters in Arizona, U.S. We are proud to work with businesses who share our ethos and work ethic.